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President - Arthur Rice

Arthur Rice is well recognized in the Southern Gospel music industry and is currently the President of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, in addition to his busy schedule singing lead with the Kingdom Heirs. In 2018, he received the "Dr. Jerry Goff /SGNScoops Lifetime Achievement Award".

Vice President - Gary Casto

Gary Casto sings lead for Tribute Quartet and hails from West Virginia. With over three decades in Gospel Music, he shows no signs of slowing down. He currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Treasurer - Karen Peck Gooch

Karen Peck Gooch was born into a musical family and is blessed to travel and sing with her family in Karen Peck and New River.  Her powerful voice and sweet Southern spirit are her trademark, and she considers it a blessing to be in ministry with her family! Karen serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the SGMA.

Secretary - Travis Bridgeman

Travis Bridgeman is the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Cumming, Georgia. He was elected to the Advisory Board in 2013, joined the Board of Directors in 2015 and elected to the executive board in 2017. Travis and his wife, Alecia, sing together as "The Bridgemans," and are blessed to be in full-time ministry. He writes the monthly Singing News column, "Spotlight on the SGMA".



Clarke Beasley

Clarke W. Beasley was appointed Executive Director of the National Quartet Convention in 1993, and today serves as Executive Vice President. He is also President of the Southern Gospel Music Guild, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Gospel Music Association. He resides in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area with his wife Britney, daughter Madlyn and son, Dallas.

Earl Eleton

Earl Eleton is a founding member and former Vice President of the SGMA.  He has made a significant impact on this industry by playing a critical role in the preservation of the history of Southern Gospel music.

Dr. Jerry Goff

Dr. Jerry Goff is known as "Mr. Gospel Trumpet." He is a highly sought after speaker, teacher, minister, singer and songwriter. He received the award as #1 male vocalist in 1984. He has written many songs, some of them reaching #1 on the charts. Dr. Goff is President Emeritus of the SGMA, 2002 Hall of Fame member and now serves as Honorary Chaplain of the Southern Gospel Music Association.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey's name has been synonymous in the southern gospel music world for over 25 years.  As one of the nation's leading concert promoters, his events have spanned the southeast and included most every major southern gospel artist in the industry.

Bob Brumley

Robert “Bob” Bartlett Brumley served as president of the Southern Gospel Music Association from 2007-2009 and currently serves as a board member. Bob is one of the most respected men in Southern Gospel Music today. He proudly carries on the tradition of keeping alive the music of his father, the late Albert E. Brumley, the pre-eminent gospel songwriter of the 20th century with over 600 published songs.  Bob continues publishing shape note songbooks, something the companies of Albert E. Brumley & Sons/Hartford Music have been doing since the early 1900's.

Kelly Nelon Clark

Kelly Nelon Clark, daughter of the legendary bass singer, Rex Nelon, has had a wonderful career singing alto for the LeFevres and the Nelons, winning many awards along the way. Kelly is also an accomplished songwriter and actress.  She and her husband, Jason Clarke, along with their daughters, Amber and Autumn, make their home in Georgia.

Sheri Easter

Sheri Easter and her husband, Jeff were both born into professional Southern gospel singing families. They travel as a family and make their home in Georgia.

Dean Hickman

Dean Hickman began his musical career singing tenor alongside Danny Gaither with the Golden Keys Quartet.  Later, he embarked on his current journey as first tenor with The Guardians.

Richard Hyssong

Richard Hyssong has been in ministry with his family group, The Hyssongs for over 19 years.  He is a talented vocalist and trombone player.

Mike LeFevre

Mike LeFevre is a member of one of the most legendary families in Gospel Music. Mike began his musical career singing with his Uncle Alf LeFevre shortly after the LeFevre Trio retired. Mike went on to sing with The Singing Americans and later sang with Brian Free & Assurance, but he is best known for his seven year stretch with Gold City. He sings baritone for The LeFevre Quartet.

Randall McDaniel

Randall McDaniel is a lifetime supporter of Southern Gospel music and the artists who keep it alive.  Randall is from McKinney, Texas.

Paul PItts

Paul Pitts is the founder and managing partner of Global Promotions, based in Spartanburg, SC.  Pitts' appreciation for Southern Gospel music is evident as his organization works tirelessly to bring a spirit of worship to each event that Global Promotions delivers.

John Rulapaugh

John Rulapaugh is that smooth, tenor voice you heard with Freedom Quartet.  He provided the tenor vocal for Hovie Lister’s final recording, “If We Never Meet Again.” as a member of the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet and has many other musical achievements to his credit.

Rick Shelton

Rick Shelton is the Vice President of Music Publishing at Daywind Music.  From Nashville, Tennessee, Rick studied business and music at Mid-America Christian University. He joined the board of directors at the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2018.

Jonathan Wilburn

Jonathan Wilburn sang with his parents in "The Wilburns" for 13 years. In 1996, he accepted the lead position for Gold City Quartet. Wilburn felt God's calling to team up with his son, Jordan, and in 2011, Wilburn & Wilburn was formed. Jonathan and Jordan spent six years on the road together, taking the Gospel anywhere God called them to as a father-son team. Jonathan's powerful voice and exuberant personality make him one of the most entertaining and inspirational solo artists in Southern Gospel music today.

Chris White

Chris White is the president of Sonlite Records, as well as a member of the ownership team of the musical conglomerate Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing.  In 1988, Chris launched Chris White Music/Manna White Music publishing, and it has grown to one of the largest catalogs in the business today. He was awarded Industry Producer Of The Year award on two occasions, and received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

Josh Franks and his wife, Ashley, are in full-time ministry together.  Josh, a native from Savannah, TN, has been singing since age four and preaching since the age of thirteen. 

Josh Franks


Stephen Adair

Stephen Adair has been a lifelong fan and supporter of Southern Gospel Music and currently serves as the tenor for the legendary Dixie Echoes quartet. Stephen has a great desire to not only preserve our history but to advance our music to future generations.

Liz Autry

Liz Autry resides in Kemp, Texas and is the Former Curator / Associate Director at Southern Gospel Music Association.  She is president of the Texas Southern Gospel School of Music.

Paul Heil

Paul Heil is a wonderful supporter of Southern Gospel music!  Well into his fifth decade of radio, television and commercial announcing, Paul Heil is recognized as the best-known radio voice in Southern Gospel music today.  Paul was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in September of 2014.

Aaron Rich

Aaron Rich resides in Louisville, Kentucky and is well-known for his involvement in southern gospel music. He joined the board of directors for the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2018.

Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell has won multiple awards as a singer and producer, and has been a member of four of Gospel Music's most acclaimed groups - The Kingsmen, The Cathedrals, Greater Vision and Gold City. He now sings baritone for The Mark Trammell Quartet. in 2018. Mark was inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame.

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