LIFETIME PARTNERS (One-time gifts of $1,000 or more)

Frank Alexander
Peggy-Jean Bond

Niles Borop
Jim Brady
Alecia Bridgeman
Lee Bridgeman

Travis Bridgeman
Michael Burke
Gary Casto
Brian Chaney
Bob Crawford
McCray Dove
Grover Dunn
Jeff Easter
Sheri Easter

Art Faulkner
Charles Fort

Loletta Grant
Marcie Gray
Charles Griffin

Darla Payne Hammons
Kevin Hammons
Hazel Hansard
Louie Hansard
Kyle Harris
Sandra Harris

Dean Hickman
Tom Hodges
Joyce Ingle

Bob Jones
Carolyn Kirksey
Jerry Kirksey
Vickie Hitt Lawson
Dottie Leonard-Miller

JP Miller
Ed Leonard

Sybil Lindley
Chuck Lowe
Barbara Ludnea

Louanne Manthei 
Jim & Patricia Mathis

Vivian Moore
Alan O'Steen 
Jeri O'Steen
Deborah Patterson
Dennis Patterson
Jimmy Powell
Jodie Powell

Arthur Rice
John Darin Rowsey
Richard Scales

Brian Schaffer
Debra Schaffer
Brenda Sheets
Rick Sheets

Ronald E. Smith
Tommy Spencer
Marlin Taylor
Amanda Templeton
Ashley Templeton
Maurice Templeton
Phil Templeton
Phyllis Templeton

Susie Thompson
Harold Timmons
Neil Uhrig
Stewart Varnado
Betty Walden
Donald W. Walker

Janice J. Walker
Charles Waller
Muriel Walpole
Tyrus Ward

Chris White
Esther Wilson
Gerald Wolfe


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1. Ability to vote on inductees.
2. A special gift from the SGMA Hall of Fame.

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